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Triple Bottom Line: Evaluating corporate performance by measuring environmental sustainability and social responsibility as well as profits.

Until recently, I had hardly ever heard the term triple bottom line being used. However, I believe that I have always lived this philosophy. I think that it is in all of us to do better and to help out where help is needed. For me it wasn’t a choice, it just was!

I have never been a typical traveler. To me travel meant immersing myself in a destination and truly experiencing the culture of the place that I was visiting. For six years of my life, I traveled throughout Asia teaching English, volunteering and working with local businesses ensuring sustainable growth. The thrill for travel has never left, nor has the felling of making a difference in another’s live.  For this reason, I have chosen to complete my education in tourism. I believe that tourism can have a positive impact to developing areas while opening the eyes of the traveler to the real wonders that the world has to offer.

It is no surprise then, that I would be attracted to a company such as GAP Adventures. GAP Adventures are the “adventure people” and they have been “changing peoples lives” for the past 20 years. They follow a core set of values; this rings through in everything that they do, from their initiatives through Planeterra to their overall travel philosophy.

When I feel genuinely inspired about something, I cannot stop researching it, talking about it and sharing what I have learned. Over the course of this school year, GAP Adventures has assisted me many times without ever realising it. For my Entrepreneurship class, I wrote a case study and gave a presentation on Bruce Poon Tip, founder and CEO of GAP Adventures, which received a 100% grade. Most recently during my triple bottom line final exam, the essay question read:

1. According to Bruce Poon Tip, founder of GAP Adventures, “Done right, tourism can be a powerful transformer for sustainability”.

Is sustainable tourism an oxymoron or a vision for the future? What is your assessment? Why or why not?     (42 Marks)

I have never been happier to answer an exam question in my life because I believe that sustainable travel is more than just a vision for the future, it is the future. I answered this question at length, filling the remainder of pages in the exam booklet. I could recount my answer to this question and share it with you, but I feel that Bruce himself would be able to do it far more justice. Below is a video recorded at TEDx Whistler where he answers just this question:

Any more questions?


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